Day 5

We started the day walking to the Red Line subway and rode that to the Field Museum.





This was an actual man-eating lion…


After the Field Museum, we caught the train back to downtown. For some reason, the weather is pretty chilly here so because we were headed to do a boat ride next, we had to stop off and buy ourselves some long sleeve shirts. Who would have thought it would be hard to find long sleeve anything in July in Chicago. We had to go to Target, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory to find one for all of us (except Vicky who was smart enough to bring a light jacket). Course, I was the one who told her not to worry about packing anything warm. It is usually HOT here in July!

After shopping, we headed down to the Navy Pier to take a ride on a sailboat called the Tall Ship Windy.


Stephen and I (and others) helped to raise the sails…



After the boat ride, we bought a couple of Churros. Holy cow, they were good. Mine was vanilla filled and Stephen got a chocolate filled. They were awesome.

After dinner, we took a quick ride on the El around the loop in downtown.




After that, back to to hotel to get some rest and to do some laundry. Tomorrow will be a long day so we need plenty of rest.

Until then.

5 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Looks like you are all having fun time in spite of the cool weather. Enjoyed the pics. Stay warm!

  2. More fun everyday!!! HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY. Too bad Vicky did not get new shirt too! Love to all. Soak it all in !!!

  3. Bill you broke in front of me to post???????????????????? I started first !!!

  4. When we started the museum we went strait to the Egypt exhibit and how the pretty much wrapped up their dead bodies. Well we walk in and you look down in this hole, there is a coffin head in the hole (at least that’s all you can see). Then when you go down stairs you can actually get a close up look at real accrual mummies in and out of their coffins. It was quite creepy! :/
    The boat ride was pretty sweet, quite cold, but pretty get to learn a lot and my dad and Stephen got to help put up the sails.
    When we got back I got to eat my first funnel cake and Stephen had his first churro! DELISCIOUS!
    Cannot wait for tomarow for the zoo and the baseball game!

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