Day 10

We got up early and went to have our final breakfast on the train.


We all had our usual, Railroad French Toast!


Everyone was still pretty tired after breakfast so back to our rooms to take it easy.

We arrived into Albuquerque and hour early so we had quite a bit of time to kill at the station.


All of the walls at the station have these spike things on the top. I assume it is to keep people from sitting on them.



We started lunch while still in Albuquerque. There were slow orders between Albuquerque and Lamy so we went slow for a long time. It was to bring us to our final stop almost and hour late. We waited in the lower vestibule for our arrival.


We got off the train into a little rain. Nothing much, but it was nice to see some precipitation.

And we watched our train disappear…

So ends another great trip. Hopefully we can do another one next year. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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  1. I can tell you all had a great time. I liked trailing along with you all. I enjoyed all the pics. Glad you are home safely. Love to all.

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