Day 9

We started the day early by dropping our bags at the train station. Then we rode the Metro to Hollywood.



Jackie Chan’s Star



After walking around for a while, we rode the Metro over to the Universal Citywalk for lunch and to look around.



After checking that place out a while, it was time to return to Los Angeles Union Station to wait for our final train, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief #4.

You might recognize this station from countless TV shows, commercials and movies.


Our train backed into the station around 5:45.


We boarded and settled in for our last ride of the trip. Soon after pulling out of the station, we went to dinner. After dinner, it was already getting dark. The boys and I went to the lounge for one more game of Monopoly on the iPad.


After I won the game, we all turned in for the night. It was a beautiful night out my window. I drifted off as the very bright moon soared across the sky as the train turned back and forth.


Tomorrow our journey will end.

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  1. Nice LA end to the trip. I never tire of seeing the LAUD, it’s classic. Enjoyed the pics.

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