We are in Austin

We left Amarillo this morning at 8:00.

We left before the youth group but after a stop they caught us and passed us. We floowed them for about an hour then they stopped and we never saw them again.

We arrived in Austin around 5:00. After moving into our rooms we went to Freebirds for dinner. Now we are back in our rooms for the night.

That is all for today.

4 thoughts on “We are in Austin

  1. Hey guys. Michael and I miss you, but it has been really quiet around here the last too days. No arguing or fighting! We hope you all are having a blast. Talk to ya later-Vicky

  2. Hello to both of you!!!
    We just got back from VBS at the College Church and I never saw so many kids any where. Westside, Cloverdale,College, & DT have one big VBS and so we were supposed to go there for church tonight.
    Pop-paw took me fishing in his boat twice this week but the fish were not biting very good. EXCEPT, he caught this “thing” that was really flopping and when he got it out where we could see it, it looked like a little alligator to me. He insists it was a “gar” but it had legs, too. I threatened to jump out of the boat if he didn’t get it out (I just imagine there were a lot more in the water though–that would not be smart) HAVE FUN

  3. Hello to Stephen and his Dad: We just got back from our walk again. It was warm out there again and I really got tired!!! We had to have our eyes checked yesterday and Pop-paws were OK but I had to order new glasses. It has been a long time since I got new ones. I knew I was not seeing good but I was afraid something was really wrong, but I just need my prescription changed. I hope you all are having a good trip. UPLIFT is going on up here right now so there are about 1000 teen agers on campus–we don’t go over there though. Have a good time. That guy with that white looking ball cap on in the picture with his hands in his pockets really looks happy. Take a look!!!!SMILE, BE HAPPY

  4. I guess I’m not doing this in the right place because my messages are NOT going to the top of the list!!! I guess that’s not the first thing I’ve done wrong though. I hope your trip is going well and you are both enjoying it.
    It is REALLY hot here. Pop-paw said we were going to have to get up earlier than we already do to walk before it gets too hot. I am usually soaked when I get home, but I enjoy the walk, too. I guess we’ll go to College church tonight to the VBS again–we will just wait til some of the kids leave the auditorium and go to class–I’m sure it was organized to those who planned it, but it seemed like chaos to me!!!!! Enjoy your time together and “behave yourselves.”

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