Day 1

We left Amarillo this morning around 7:00. It took us just about 7 hours to get here. I have a pretty bad crick in my neck so the drive was pretty miserable for me. Otherwise it went smoothly.

We went straight to our hotel, but they were not ready for us yet, so we took off for the Denver Zoo.



We spent a couple of hours there before going back to the hotel to check in. After getting into our room, we set off for Casa Bonito.



The food was so-so. The place is really sold on its atmosphere and entertainment. They had comedy acts, fire juggler, and a cliff diver. It was cool.

After dinner, we made a quick run downtown just to check it out. Saw all the sports centers and also the tents for the Cirque du Soleil that we will be going to on Friday.

Now, it is off to bed. We will be visiting the US Mint in the morning and the Museum of Nature and Science.

More tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Looks like a great start to your trip. I enjoy following along with you through the blog. Ya’ll have a great time. Love to all!!

  2. Looks like ya’ll are havin’ fun…isn’t the Denver Zoo cool? The lion exhibit is first class!

  3. Hey there–

    Hope you guys have a blast!!! Keep us posted on all the good stuff. We missed you this morning.

  4. Hey! Give my mom and dad a shout if you need anything! Have a blast! Brian’s favorite restaurant in Denver is Casa Bonita:) He likes the arcade!

  5. You’ll have to tell me where Casa Bonita is. My in-laws live there and I have never been. Enjoy your family this week, back to the grind stone next week.

  6. cool stuff man…you guys have fun…but know that the church (the entire church not just SWCC) will probably fall apart without you here…oh, and the school too.

    You better come back today, there is too much at stake for you to be having fun!!!

    Ha!!! Enjoy some R and R.


  7. Our kids love Casa Bonito…hope you got to see the gorilla. Have a great time!

  8. Hey Sis, I meant to give you a call on Sunday, but I was in Denver and left around noon. if you went down town, I did the sound system in Coors Field where the Rockies play and the paging system out in the airport. I don’t remember if you guys fly in and or out of Denver. Anyway, I just missed ya.

  9. The weather site looks like you all are not getting too cool. Hey, Boys, PopPaw and I have been to that Casa Bonita!!! Your Mom just went on past us by on a bus and had to come back the next night to eat I think!! Craig, it looks like your weight is doing G_R _E _A_T—even after Casa Bonita.
    It took me a few minutes to decide where I could type (but I’m kinda slow anyway). I started trying to get our clothes together today for our trip starting this Sat. and it looks like PopPaw is not going to have any underwear to wear til then!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I have found where I can type, I’ll be back later. Have fun, keep safe, I love all of you———-God Bless!!!!!!

  10. I’m having a big SENIOR MOMENT!!!!!!!!–anybody surprised??? I could not find your comment section to start with. Now it looks to me like your last message got to me on July 1 and it was not posted til July 2–maybe my minute is longer than I think!!! Those fish are a LOT larger than mine, Michael, and I don’t even like to touch my little slinky ones!!!! Don’t loose the boys at Alcatraz, “you guys”. I think there are sharks in that water around that place!!!!!!

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