Day 6 – A Little Slower Day

Today was no packed with stuff to do. We started early, but finished early and had some time to relax.

We got up and went to Everett, WA to visit Boeing. We started doing the factory tour. For some reason they do not allow cameras or cell phones so no pictures of that part, but it was really impressive. The assembly building is HUGE. There is one spot we saw where it is the only place you can see a kilometer INSIDE.

They also have a small museum that we checked out.



While in Everett, we stopped at another small museum called the Flying Heritage Museum. It had some old, mostly WWII planes.


We then hit a Panda Express for lunch and headed back to Seattle. We went to the Space Needle next.


P1020842 And then the Monorail…

P1020845 P1020844 

After the Monorail, we headed back to our hotel for some down time. It was nice to get some relaxing time in. We left again for a quick dinner and then drove over to a nearby park near Puget Sound…





Then back to the hotel to get to bed early.

One more day in Seattle before we start the journey home. It should be a good one.

3 thoughts on “Day 6 – A Little Slower Day

  1. You are making me so Homesick!! I miss the Northwest so much. Have you gotten any good pictures of Mount Rainier? Try to… its breathtaking! I used to live across the Puget Sound in Bremerton. Would take the ferry 10 to 12 times a week. I so miss that too…. if you get a chance take a ferry trip. Just a quick one .. say to Bremerton and right back. Great fun! Well thanks for the pictures! Yeah I could have warned you about Boeing. Very secretive. Didn’t know you were going there. Its a cool complex isn’t it? Have a safe remainder of your trip! Tim

  2. Totally missed the Day 4 blog! Stupid tim! Awesome you made it to my old home. Bremerton is a weird little Navy town. The first fire department I worked with was District 8. Navy Yard City Fire Department. The USS Hornet used to be there too. A lot of history in that town. Well so glad you got to enjoy the ferry. Its neat isn’t it? Sorry bout the Mariners. Haven’t been the same since Ken Griffey Jr. Retired. But Joe Montana! Neat!! Well fond memories!! Take care!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like all are having a great time. I enjoy seeing the sights with you all.

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