Day 4 – Getting To Seattle

We started the day by eating a quick breakfast at out hotel and checking out. We then headed out to Oregon’s Museum of Science & Industry where we spent a couple of hours.

They had a submarine on display…






Holding some big freaky bubble…


After a quick lunch at a local Burger King, I dropped the family of at Portland’s Union Station and went and returned the rental car. We checked in and had about an hour to wait for out train.


Our train…


We departed and it took about 3.5 hours to get to Seattle. It was a nice train. Very comfortable.

After detraining, we got our checked bags and walked to the light rail station. We rode the LINK light rail train out to the airport where we got a rental car and checked into our hotel.

We have an early start tomorrow and a long day so my post will probably be really late.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Getting To Seattle

  1. When we got to The Oregon Museum of science and industry, we bought our tickets and waited for our tour guide to take us on the the tour for the submarine. When he got there we went on the tour. When we on the submarine my mom dropped her sunglasses, then she kicked them (for some reason) and went under the torpedoes. Then when that tour was done we headed over to the real museum and had some fun!!! There was a lot of sciencey stuff there, we had a lot of then we went over and played more in the “Hands On” room, and had too much fun!!!! Then I walked over, put my hand under a tube and a huge, freaky, white bubble came into my hand and when i made it pop it made smoke! I wanted to go to go to the “Narnia” exibit, but apparently that part wasn’t included in our tickets. Then it was time to go eat lunch. 🙁

  2. Saturday here–7:30. It is going to be HOT again. Hope you all do a lot and the weather stays good for you. I am having trouble opening one of the blogs so I will have to try again. Michael, did your mom get her sunglasses back? I thought you were going to say they fell through some slats or something!!! Stay safe and have fun. We will be going to a funeral after lunch and have friends coming by this morning from Ohio so could be a busy day!!! Love to all

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