Last Day

We got on board our train at about 3:30. We pulled out of DC about 20 minutes late. This trip, our two rooms were facing each other so we were able to open a partition between them to make one big room. It was nice having all that room.


We had a nice trip. Dinner again in the dining car then after hanging around the lounge a bit,


we want back to our rooms to go to bed. I did sleep a lot more on this trip. I got up several times but not as many. One stop was in Pittsburg. I was on the opposite side of the train this time and saw downtown. It was quite impressive with tall building to the left, a river shimmering in the middle and PNC park on the right. It was quite beautiful. Glad I got up to see it!

We got up early and went to breakfast about 7:00. We pulled into Chicago only 20 minutes late.

After getting off the train, we hung out in the 1st class lounge for a couple of hours. After, we walked to the El and rode the train back to Midway airport. We had lunch in the airport and caught our flight to DFW at 4:55. We then grabbed dinner at DFW and boarded our flight to Amarillo at 8:20.

We arrived back in the metropolis of Amarillo. We picked up our van and came home.

It was fun, tiring and fulfilling. Months of plans came together great and God really blessed us with this time. Now that I have seen pretty much everything I want in DC, I really don’t know if I will ever go back. So many other places to go and see. Perhaps next time it will be New York or Chicago. Perhaps the West coast. We shall see. Wherever we do go, hopefully you can go with us by reading this blog. Thanks for sharing our trip with us.

Craig, Vicky, Stephen and Michael

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  1. Wow…I really enjoyed all the pictures and description. I felt like I was along seeing it all with you. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Glad you all had a great trip and made it safely back home.

    I’m ready to follow you all on your next big adventure!

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