Friday – Last Full Day in DC

We started by waiting in line for Capitol tour tickets. We had a few minutes to wait then went in.

This one was taken by Stephen to prove both Vicky and I were there…

By the way, the tour stunk. It consisted of waiting in long lines, then going through a total of three rooms. The rotunda (the area under the dome), the old House chamber, and the crypt where they had planned to bury Washington (he died before it was complete)(which is now the gift shop). That is it. If you ever come, do not waste your time with the public tour.

Anyway, Stephen has lost two teeth this week.

This afternoon, we went to the National Cathedral…

After this, we actually split up. Vicky and the boys went back to the hotel to rest and do laundry while I went to the Holocaust Museum. There was some stuff not appropriate for children so I went alone. After, we met back up for dinner. We ran across a mall down by the Pentagon that is connected to the metro, so we have eaten there several times.

Anyway, a couple of things to do tomorrow and then back on the train around 3:30. May not post anymore until we return. We shall see. Thanks for all the comments and for sharing in our adventure.

One thought on “Friday – Last Full Day in DC

  1. Aaaah….I think Craig and Vicky were standing in front of a cardboard cut-out of the capitol! Way to go Stephen…two teeth should be worth some money under your pillow! Looks like your week is wrapping up nicely with still lots of sightseeing.

    Keep having fun!

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