Day 4

The day started early cause my iPhone sitting next to my bed kept vibrating. Finally I grabbed to look at it and it was vibrating every time someone wished me a happy birthday on Facebook. Thanks everyone! Course, the next time I am on the West coast on my birthday, could I request everyone to wait till 8:00 Pacific?

We headed out to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Command Museum. Was a small Marine Corps history museum. I am a World War II history buff so I love military museums. My Dad, having been in the Marines, also gave it special meaning to me.



We then headed to Balboa Park to spend the rest of the day checking out the museums there.

We started with the Air & Space Museum…



The boys took turns flying a flight simulator…


Then we headed to the natural history museum…



They invited us to be in the first group of visitors to try out their new 3D and motion movie theater. It was cool. The seats moved, it blew air in your face, had some tube that would flop around your legs to feel like you were hitting things and also sprayed a bit of water in your face. It is not opened to the public yet but should be very soon.

We then ran by the model railroad museum…


Then to the Automobile Museum…




Then finally the Hall of Champions (Sports Museum)…




After that, we went to the hotel for a little and then off to eat Mexican food with the Mazos who are friends from Harding.

This was mostly an indoor day. It will be our only one.

More tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Yea for the Globe and Anchor! Semper Fi! Glad you all had a nice day inside today. But, did the automotive museum have a Crosley?????

  2. —sounds like you are covering a lot of ground!!! There is lot to see and visit there, I’ sure. I hope the wether stays good for you!!!

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