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Lamy to Chicago

We boarded our train just about on time at 2:00.

We found are rooms quickly. They were a lot roomier than we expected (we are in smaller rooms than we did on previous trips). Our attendant seems like a really nice guy.

After a couple hours, we got our dinner reservations for 5:30. We went to dinner as we pulled into Raton, NM. Vicky had Roasted Game Hen (fancy words for chicken), Stephen had a hot dog (one of the best I have ever tasted), Michael had pizza and I had steak. We were all happy and retired back to our rooms around 6:30.

Around 8:00 we arrive in La Junta, Co where we got off the train for close to 20 minutes.

After leaving La Junta our car attendant came by and converted our room to beds. All that space we had before went away real quick! There was about 1 square foot of floor space with the beds converted.

I, of course, did not sleep much. I do not say that “I did not sleep good,” because I did not mind. I was on a train! When not sleeping, I enjoyed looking out the big window and watching the country go by. I would also listen in on the train crews radios. A common railfanning thing to do is to bring a scanner along and listen in to all the train crew chatter and business. It has been cool! I know know why we are stopped when stopped or why the electricity is out in our car.

Because of our detraining in Kansas City at around 8:00 AM, breakfast was served early. We were up and in the dining car at 6:00. It was packed and we spent a good 45 minutes in there. We all had French Toast with sausage. It was excellent.

We went back to our rooms and our attendant had already converted them back to seating. We waited about an hour until we pulled into KC. They have a really nice station there.

The plan now is everyone going to Chicago will be bussed from KC to Chicago. So we left the station and boarded a bus. Unfortuantly, our bus was the last to leave and we did not get away from KC until 9:30.

After stopping for lunch around 1:00, I took charge of the entertainment on the bus. I pulled out a couple of DVD’s and played them on the buses tv system. I also arranged for the US Navy Blue Angels to put on a brief performance for the whole bus.

We arrive via bus into Chicago around 7:00 and we are now in the lounge waiting for our train to Albany. Praise God! We made it and did not have to be bussed anymore. He answered my prayers.

More to come.

We are in Lamy

We arrived at the Lamy train station about 11:45. Our train is running on time so far so it should be here at 2:00.

The good news is Lamy has a wireless internet connection (probably shared by the whole town). However, we got some bad news last night.

Due to the flooding in Iowa and Illinios, the train we are getting on here is being stopped in Kansas City. The plan now is to ride a bus (woo hoo) from KC to Galesburg, Il then a short train from there to Chicago. However, yesterdays passengers that were making connections East (like us), were bussed all the way to Toledo to catch the connecting train. That would be one long bus trip that I am not looking forward to.

So that means we may not see Chicago until our return trip. We shall see. I am just hoping we make it in a timely manner and with all of our luggage.

More to come whenever I can.

Boston 2008

Thats right, the Mashburn family is headed to Boston. Here is our itinerary for this trip…

Wednesday, June 18th
Drive to the metropolis of Lamy, NM where we will catch the train, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief
Thursday, June 19th
Arrive in Chicago where we will spend a few hours before catching another train, the Lakeshore Limited
Friday, June 20th
Arrive in Albany, NY where we will switch trains again that will take us to Boston. We are scheduled to arrive in Boston at 9:45 pm
Saturday, June 21st through Tuesday June 24th
Four days to explore Boston (Yes, this includes a Red Sox game)
Wednesday, June 25th
Depart Boston to Albany where we will switch trains again. Leave Albany on the Lake Shore Limited bound for Chicago
Thursday, June 26th
Arrive in Chicago and have a few hours before boarding the westbound Southwest Chief
Friday, June 27th
Arrive back in Lamy and drive back to Amarillo.

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