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Amtrak Day Two

We got up at 6:30 and went to breakfast. We all had the Railroad French Toast which was good. 

Shortly after breakfast, we made a long stop in St. Louis. 

Arch outside my window…

After St. Louis, we all went back to bed!

We then woke up and went back to the dining car for a quick lunch and then back to the room to wait on our arrival into Chicago. 


Chicago has an awesome new sleeper car lounge that we hung in.

Around 4 Stephen and I headed outside to Giardano’s to pick up a pizza for Vicky and I. 

Then boys ate something from the food court.

We boarded our next train around 5:30 and it pulled out right at 6:00pm. No sleepers on this train but we are in business class. 

We are scheduled to arrive late in to Dearborn where we will walk to our hotel next door to the station.

Start of Trip – Amtrak

Our good friend Caroline dropped us off at the Fort Worth station around 12:45.



Our train was right on time arriving at 1:50. We boarded and settled in to our rooms across the hall from each other. We enjoyed the views and the boys and I played cards until dinner at 6:00.


We had steak and shrimp which was VERY good. Cheesecake for dessert, not so much. Okay, not great.


After dinner, we went back to our rooms to hang.

We made a short stop in Texarkana…


After the stop we put our beds down and turned in. Early breakfast in the morning at 6:30.

2017 Vacation Schedule

Once again the Mashburn family is making a trek across this country and even into another country. This year will not be as fast paced as in the past. This year will have plenty of things to see and do, but also time to relax and rest.

As always, we are taking a train. Here is the basic schedule…

  • July 2nd – Drive from Amarillo to Fort Worth and spend the night with our friend Caroline
  • July 3rd – Depart Fort Worth on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle
  • July 4th – Arrive in Chicago and switch trains to Amtrak’s Wolverine. We will arrive late into Dearborn, Michigan
  • July 5-6 – We will be in Dearborn/Detroit area
  • July 7 – Travel to Toronto
  • July 8 – Travel to Niagara Falls for the day
  • July 9 – Explore a little of Toronto
  • July 10 – Return to Detroit area
  • July 11-12 – We will be in Dearborn/Detroit area (again)
  • July 13 – Early morning we will board the Wolverine back to Chicago, change trains to Amtrak’s Texas Eagle
  • July 14 – Arrive back in Fort Worth and spend the night again with our friend Caroline
  • July 15 – Drive back to Amarillo

It is a bit longer than most of our trips, but that will be nice.

We would like to again thank our friend James for house sitting for us, the Moore family for taking care of Baxter, and those who will be checking in on Vicky’s dad.

We hope you enjoy following along with us.

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