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Day 2 – Hawaii Trip

Our train arrived into Los Angeles Union Station only about 45 minutes late. It allowed us to run inside and spend a few minutes in the lounge. After only about 30 minutes, our next train was arriving and we were boarding the Surfliner train to San Diego. No sleepers on this train, but we were in business class.

20160705_164857266_iOSThis train ran right on time and we arrived into San Diego at 12:40.

20160705_195433701_iOSAfter gathering our checked bags, we called our hotel for a shuttle to pick us up.

20160705_200817226_iOSStephen’s ear was hurting him pretty bad, so we decided to go get it looked at. Stephen and I took an Uber over to an Urgent Care place. Turns out he has an inner ear infection. We got a prescription from the pharmacy and Ubered back to the hotel. (Uber was awesome!)

Then we all walked down to the pier and ate dinner at Anthony’s. Then back to hotel to chill for a bit.

20160706_012822437_iOSVicky and I had been keeping a secret from the boys as to an activity we had planned for tonight. We finally let them in. We were going to an escape room that was right around the corner from our hotel. It was VERY cool. It was called Enigma HQ. We had a blast. We also made it out with 6:04 on the clock (with a few helpful hints along the way).

20160706_030646738_iOSWe will begin early tomorrow morning, but tomorrow we will be in Hawaii. Keep in mind that Hawaii is 5 hours behind Central Time Zone so most posts will probably not come till late.

Until tomorrow.

Day 1 – Hawaii Trip

We started the morning by dropping our little Baxter off at the Moore’s house. We have been telling him he was going to summer camp, so if you see him, make sure you don’t say anything else.

We then headed out for Lamy, New Mexico. Took us about four hours to get there. We arrived about two hours before departure.

For once, our train was practically on time arriving only about 20 minutes late. We boarded into our bedrooms. We always get the smallest rooms called roomettes, but for this trip because of some technicalities with our reward points, we got two of the large bedrooms instead. They are much larger and have restrooms in the rooms.

Soon after boarding, the train makes an extended stop in Albuquerque. So we were able to get off and walk around a bit. This is how Albuquerque says “Do not sit on the wall.”

After dinner of steak for all of us, we made a stop in Gallop where we stepped off for a few minutes.

We turned in pretty soon after since we were still operating on central time. Also, since breakfast would be served at 5am.

We were able to drag ourselves to the dining car at 5 for breakfast.

Now we are back in our rooms laying down. We are running a couple hours late but may still be able to be on our scheduled connecting train to San Diego. We shall see.

(I am going to try and post this using Word, we shall see how it goes!)

2016 Hawaii Schedule

Our yearly family vacation is upon us again. This year, it is a little bigger (i.e. more expensive) than normal since this is Stephen’s last trip ever with us! Okay, maybe not his last trip, but he did just graduate high school so this is his senior trip. So we are Hawaii bound!

As is normal for us, we will be taking the train. Yes, we are taking the train to Hawaii. At least for part of the trip, anyway. An airplane will also be somewhat involved in the trip as well. Here is our schedule…

  • Monday, July 4th – Drive from Amarillo to Lamy, New Mexico and board Amtrak’s train #3, the Southwest Chief
  • Tuesday, July 5th – Arrive at Los Angeles Union Station and change trains to Amtrak’s Surfliner train. Arrive by train into San Diego where we will spend the night
  • Wednesday, July 6th – Board our Hawaiian Airlines flight from San Diego to Honolulu and arrive in Hawaii
  • Thursday, July 7th through Sunday, July 10th – Explore the island of Oahu
  • Monday, July 11th – Fly back to San Diego and spend the night
  • Tuesday, July 12th – Board Amtrak’s Surfliner back to Los Angeles where we will change trains to the #4 Southwest Chief
  • Wednesday, July 13th – Arrive back into Lamy and drive back to Amarillo

This could be our “once-in-a-lifetime” trip to Hawaii. Who knows if we will ever get to go back so we plan on really taking it in. Would like to thank our friend James for once again house sitting for us, the Moore family for caring for sweet Baxter and all those checking in on and serving Vicky’s dad.

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