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Enjoying The Train

We went and had breakfast in the dining car at 6:30. French toast all around. Shortly after, the train made a stop in Klamath Falls, Or. We got to get off and finally see our train. She is longer than what we are use to. It has an extra coach and sleeper. It also has what they call the Pacific Parlour Car. You can see it in the picture. Is is a lounge car for sleeper car passengers. These cars were originally built by the Santa Fe railroad back in the 50’s. This is the only train to have these since there are only four left with Amtrak.

We had an extended stop here because the police came out to take someone off the train. Not sure what was going on, but it took an extra 30 minutes. So we are looking to arrive in Portland around 4:00.


Problems, Problems

Our train was scheduled to leave Lamy at 2:20. It finally arrived at 8:00 due to a lot of issues. We are currently in the dining car eating a late dinner.

Our biggest issue right now is making our connection in LA. It is scheduled to depart at 10:15 tomorrow morning but we are currently not scheduled to arrive until 11:15. Nothing like a little stress on vacation.

Will keep you posted.

Seattle & Portland 2011

The Mashburns have another summer trip and again we are heading West. We will spend a day in Portland and three days in Seattle. I will, once again, blog during the trip so we hope you enjoy riding along with us.

Here is the itinerary…

Tuesday, June 28th – Drive to Lamy, NM and catch Amtrak’s Southwest Chief to Los Angeles

Wednesday, June 29th – Arrive in Los Angeles, change trains to the Coast Starlight to Portland

Thursday, June 30th – Arrive in Portland and spend about 24 hours

Friday, July 1st – Take Amtrak’s Cascades train from Portland to Seattle

Saturday, July 2nd through Monday, July 4th – Spend time in Seattle

Tuesday, July 5th – Board the Coast Starlight back towards Los Angeles

Wednesday, July 6th – Get off the Coast Starlight in Sacramento, take a bus to Stockton, get on a San Joaquin train to Bakersfield, then off on another bus to Los Angeles. In LA, board the Southwest Chief back to Lamy.

Thursday, July 7th – Arrive back in Lamy and drive back to Amarillo

In case you wondering why the whole train-bus-train-bus ordeal on our return trip, The Southbound Coast Starlight does not arrive in Los Angeles before the Southwest Chief departs, so we have to get off and do this weird routing.

As of right now, nothing is happening that should disrupt this schedule like last year. Does not mean something will not happen, but so far so good.

I also want to publically tell our friend James not to order too many pay-per-view movies this year while he house sits.

I hope you enjoy and will follow us on this adventure.

I also want to add that our prayers go out to all those affected by the incident that happened to Amtrak’s California Zephyr on Friday.