Day 6 – 2018 Vacation

Another easy going day today. We started the day by going to a huge farmers market in downtown Des Moines. It was impressive.

Then we went to the local zoo. My favorite animal? Giraffe. And got to feed one!

Stephen and Michael got to feed them too, but it is my blog so my picture.

And of course, Stephen with the flamingos.

After relaxing at the hotel a while, the boys and I went to see the Jurassic World movie while Vicky stayed at the hotel and watched Netflix.

Tomorrow is the reason we came to Iowa. Looking forward to it.

Day 5 – 2018 Vacation

We slept in a bit this morning before checking out. Then we hit the road towards Iowa. We made a stop in St. Joseph, MO and went to a museum called the Patee House. Lots of cool things to see there.

After a quick lunch, we stopped by the Glore Psychiatric Museum.

Stephen preparing to do an autopsy…

All of these items were surgically removed from a woman at one time. She had swallowed it all!

We then continued the two hour trip to our hotel in Des Moines, Iowa. Pretty slow paced, relaxing day.

Day 4 – 2018 Vacation

We slept in a bit today. We headed out around 9:30 to the World War 1 museum.

After lunch we swung by the Money Museum at the Fed…

Lifting a real gold bar…

The we went to Union Station..

And while we were there, we successfully escaped another room!

After dinner, back to the hotel to get packed up. Tomorrow we are Iowa bound.

Day 3 – 2018 Vacation

We started early this morning going to the Kansas City Zoo. We decided to go early because it was going to get hot and I figured big crowds because of July 4th. I was right about the heat, but not the crowds.

They had a skyway where you could ride over the park…

This is another pic of Stephen with flamingos. Trust me, they are back there…

Stephen petting the stingrays…

This was a big zoo. After four hours, we were ready to go get something to eat and cool off.

Then it was off to add another Major League Baseball Stadium to our list of stadiums visited.

And being the 4th of July, fireworks after the game…

And now, to bed, late!

Day 2 – 2018 Vacation

We slept in a little this morning before making the drive to Kansas City. After checking into our hotel and grabbing lunch at a mall, we went to the Truman Presidential Library.

The Truman’s graves…

Vicky enjoyed it…

I was hoping to get a library card, but they explained to me that it was not that kind of library.

So today was another relaxing day. Tomorrow will be a long day.