Day 2 – 2018 Vacation

We slept in a little this morning before making the drive to Kansas City. After checking into our hotel and grabbing lunch at a mall, we went to the Truman Presidential Library.

The Truman’s graves…

Vicky enjoyed it…

I was hoping to get a library card, but they explained to me that it was not that kind of library.

So today was another relaxing day. Tomorrow will be a long day.

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Day 1 – 2018 Vacation

Most of today was straightforward. Driving. We drove to Wichita Kansas. We did stop in OKC for lunch.

After checking into our hotel in Wichita, we went to an escape room. We killed it with time remaining!

The escape room was next to a place called The Alley so we did some stuff there. Like a VR game…


And I also got to school everyone in go cart driving…

Now we are back at the hotel to get some sleep. Tomorrow, on to Kansas City.

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2018 Mashburn Vacation

It is that time again. Though this year will have something different than all others since 2006. No trains. We decided to try and do a cheaper trip this year to save up to do something bigger next year for Michael’s “Senior Trip”.

So this years is a road trip. We start by spending a few days in Kansas City, then a few days in Des Moines, Iowa, then a few days in St. Louis before heading back home.

Should be a nice, relaxing time spent together.

We would like to again thank our friend James for house and dog sitting for us. You da man.

We hope you enjoy following along with us.

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Coming Home

Our last day started early with breakfast at 6:30. After that we stepped of the train in Texarkana. Here is Michael with one foot in Arkansas and one in Texas (approx.).

We pulled into Fort Worth right on time.

We took an Uber back to back to our friends house where we got our car and headed back to Amarillo.

We got home around 7:45.

It was a good trip and we were happy to go places and see things we have never seen before.

Until next year. 

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Returning On Amtrak

The day started early. We left our final hotel at 6:15am and walked a couple of hundred yards to the train station next door. It was raining, but fortunately no heavily. 

Michael at the Dearborn Station. 

Our train was on time. We were in business class on this train. It was about a five hour trip to Chicago. 

We arrived into Chicago Union Station and went to leave our bags in the Metropolitan Lounge. Then we walked down the street to Lou Mitchell’s for lunch. 

Our next train, the Texas Eagle, boarded and left right on time at 1:45. As usual, we are in sleeper. We have two small roomettes. 

We just hung out and relaxed and let Amtrak do the driving. We eventually went to dinner and all had steak and shrimp.

We had an extended stop in St Louis. 

After that stop, I made everyone’s bed and time to get some sleep to the sways of the train. 

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