Day 2

Posted by on June 28, 2010

Everyone got some sleep on the train Saturday night. I slept pretty good. Probably the best I have ever slept the first night of a train trip (usually don’t sleep cause I don’t want to miss anything).

We all got up before 6:00 (we will still on Central time). We went to breakfast at 6:30.


We had French toast all around.

After breakfast, we spent the rest of the morning hanging in our rooms.

We got to step off the train for a couple of minutes in San Bernardino…


We arrived at Los Angeles Union Station around 11:00.


We missed our connecting train so we were put on another leaving at 12:25. We boarded and rode the train for an hour to Irvine.


There we transferred to a bus for the trip into San Diego.


We arrived into San Diego Santa Fe Station around 3:30. I left the family waiting in the depot while I hopped on a trolley to pick up the rental car. I got it and swung by and picked them up. We then hit the hotel to unpack and got right back out headed for the San Diego Zoo.








Yes, we are wearing jackets. It is really cool here!

After a late night at the Zoo (they are open till 9:00 during the summer) and a cool bird show, we are now back at the hotel getting ready to turn in for the night.

More tomorrow.

4 Responses to Day 2

  1. Nancy Johnson

    We went to that zoo one time!!! Did you know that??? Before the Edwards had Devin we flew out for a visit and went from Anaheim to San Diego. The Panda Bears were there—as best as I “remember” they were on loan from China!!!

  2. Donna Hogue

    I began my teaching career in San Bernardino county, Riverside. Took my first train trip from Riverside into LA. Pictures are great.

  3. Brian

    Why you copyrighting those pics?????