Day 3 – 2018 Vacation

Posted by on July 4, 2018

We started early this morning going to the Kansas City Zoo. We decided to go early because it was going to get hot and I figured big crowds because of July 4th. I was right about the heat, but not the crowds.

They had a skyway where you could ride over the park…

This is another pic of Stephen with flamingos. Trust me, they are back there…

Stephen petting the stingrays…

This was a big zoo. After four hours, we were ready to go get something to eat and cool off.

Then it was off to add another Major League Baseball Stadium to our list of stadiums visited.

And being the 4th of July, fireworks after the game…

And now, to bed, late!

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  1. Brian Mashburn

    Bummer it was no Astro’s. Although you wouldn’t have worn your Astro’s gear anyway.

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