Day 1 – Hawaii Trip

We started the morning by dropping our little Baxter off at the Moore’s house. We have been telling him he was going to summer camp, so if you see him, make sure you don’t say anything else.

We then headed out for Lamy, New Mexico. Took us about four hours to get there. We arrived about two hours before departure.

For once, our train was practically on time arriving only about 20 minutes late. We boarded into our bedrooms. We always get the smallest rooms called roomettes, but for this trip because of some technicalities with our reward points, we got two of the large bedrooms instead. They are much larger and have restrooms in the rooms.

Soon after boarding, the train makes an extended stop in Albuquerque. So we were able to get off and walk around a bit. This is how Albuquerque says “Do not sit on the wall.”

After dinner of steak for all of us, we made a stop in Gallop where we stepped off for a few minutes.

We turned in pretty soon after since we were still operating on central time. Also, since breakfast would be served at 5am.

We were able to drag ourselves to the dining car at 5 for breakfast.

Now we are back in our rooms laying down. We are running a couple hours late but may still be able to be on our scheduled connecting train to San Diego. We shall see.

(I am going to try and post this using Word, we shall see how it goes!)

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