D-Day -1

Tomorrow is the big day. Here is our itinerary for travel to DC…

Fly out of Amarillo at 5:40 am
Arrive DFW at 6:49 am
Fly out of DFW at 9:20 am
Arrive Chicago Midway at 11:33 am
Leave Chicago Union Station on Amtrak’s Capitol Limited at 5:35 pm
Arrive Washington DC Union Station at 11:59 am on Sunday (7/9/06)

The soonest I foresee being able to post will be in Chicago’s Union Station. I have heard they have free wireless connection. We shall see. Otherwise the first post will not appear until Sunday evening when we arrive at our hotel in DC.

3 thoughts on “D-Day -1

  1. What do I do about my computer if I can’t ask you about my computer? (Or did I just break the rule and ask about my computer?)

  2. We thought about you this a.m. and hope all is on schedule for you. We are getting ready to go for our walk. Have a good time and hold on to somebody’s hand, boys!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love ya all!!!!!

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