Day 1

Posted by on June 24, 2015

Tuesday afternoon we drove to Fort Worth from Amarillo. The 5 or so hours went by quickly. We met up with our good friends Caroline and Ben and had dinner together and then they hosted us at their house for the night.

We had a leisurely morning waiting to go to the station until we knew how late the train would be. We finally headed out around 12:15, grabbed some lunch at Freebirds, then Caroline dropped us at the Fort Worth station.

 We still had a while to wait so we tried to occupy ourselves.


Our train finally arrived a couple of hours late. We climbed aboard and settled in.

After a couple of hours, dinner time. Steaks all around!

We got to step off the train in Austin.

Our sleeper is the last car on the train so we get to enjoy the view out the back window.

Now everyone is settled in for sleep (except me). We are about to pull into San Antonio where they will disconnect our car and hook it onto another during the night. So when we get up, we will be on a different train.

Until tomorrow.

4 Responses to Day 1

  1. Caroline

    Woo Hoo! Except who is that guy peering out the back of the train?

  2. Nancy Johnson

    Looks like you are off with a good start. I hope it is not as hot there as it is here ! Sounds like your first meal was great. The dining car is always a lot of fun ! Enjoy the trip and praying for your safety HAPPY TRAILS

  3. roman mccoy

    Looks like fun, is San Antonio the final destination?

  4. Tom Edwards

    Have lots of fun! It goes by so fast!