Day 1 – Washington DC

We started the day by running to Chick-fil-a for breakfast (been a LONG time since I had me a chichen bisquit!). Then we stopped by the Pattersons to leave Baxter. Heath confirmed that he had already fed his dogs so Baxter would probably be okay for a while.

We then headed out for Lamy, New Mexico.

We arrived a couple of hours before the train.

Fortunately, the train was only about 15 minutes late so we did not have to wait too long.

Once we boarded our train, we were sent straight to the dining car for a late lunch. After we all had a hamburger, we returned to our room to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Below is our route from Lamy to Chicago and some pics on the train.

We stopped at Raton and got to step off the train for a few minutes.

Soon after Raton, off to dinner where we all had steak except Michael. He had a hot dog.

Now, we have all turned our beds down and are ready to get some sleep. So for tonight, I leave you with this…



2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Washington DC

  1. Yea, 2 hours to kill in Lamy NM. It is a pretty little town out in the middle of no-where, NM
    Birthday on a train!!! I hope Sunday is a fun birthday.

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