Washington D.C. 2014

Last week I was reading the very first posts I ever made to this blog. It was our first trip and it was also to Washington DC. In the very last post I said…

Now that I have seen pretty much everything I want in DC, I really don’t know if I will ever go back.

Well, as it turns out, our kids do not remember much from that trip. We had hoped they were old enough but I guess they were not. So now we head back to make some new memories.

Here is our itinerary…

  • Friday, June 27th – Drive to Lamy and board Amtrak’s Southwest Chief
  • Saturday, June 28th – Arrive into Chicago and change trains to Amtrak’s Capitol Limited
  • Sunday, June 29th – Arrive in Washington D.C.
  • Monday, June 30th through Thursday, July 3rd – Explore D.C.
  • Friday, July 4th – Board Amtrak’s Cardinal
  • Saturday, July 5th – Arrive into Chicago and change trains to Amtrak’s Southwest Chief
  • Sunday, July 6th – Arrive back to Lamy and drive back to Amarillo

This time, we have one less day in Washington so this will be no take-it-easy vacation. If we are going to see everything that everyone wants to see, there will be no time for going slow. We can rest on the train!

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As always, I want to publically thank our friend James for house sitting for us. Also the Patterson’s for dog sitting and taking care of the rug rat. And everyone at church who will help to cover for me for the week I will be gone (Carl, Kyle, Doyle & Jeremy). Thank you all!

Hope you enjoy sharing our trip with us. We are ready to go!

From our 2006 trip to D.C.…


2 thoughts on “Washington D.C. 2014

  1. I don’t think you could ever see all DC has to offer. We were there for four days and it wasn’t even close to what we needed. I have heard it would take months to get through all the smithsonian has to offer. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Looking forward to keeping up with you! I looked at the pics from the first DC trip and the boys were really young!!! Hope you have a great trip

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