Hanging In The Parlour Car

Posted by on June 30, 2011

The family hanging in the Parlour car.



4 Responses to Hanging In The Parlour Car

  1. Nancy Johnson

    vicky, he will beat you in that game. if nothing else, he will giggle and talk and distract you and he WILL win
    Stephen really looks like he is “just hanging out”!!
    AS FOR CRAIG—he is on a train—just hang loose!!! HIS OWN WORLD—

  2. Bill Mashburn

    Looks like all are enjoying the lounge. Glad you got a train with one of the classic parlor cars on it! Like the pictures!

  3. Caroline

    Now that’s the way to travel!

  4. Timothy Greenwood

    Thanks for the pictures! Love that Parlour Car! Gorgeous! I have lots of family in Seattle. If you meet any French Greenwoods tell them Bonjour!