2008 – Boston

Final Thoughts & Observations

These might seem random, but here are some thought I have had concerning this trip and traveling in general… 1. When visiting another city, I like to not look like a tourist. I like to use public train systems to get around. I like to be prepared and know where I am going so I … Continue reading »

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Boston to Albany to Chicago to Lamy

The train from Boston to Albany was canceled due to track work being done. Amtrak provided a bus instead. Our bus ride from Boston to Albany took only 2.5 hours where the train takes 5 hours. So we had four hours to kill at the Albany station. Nice place, not much to do other than … Continue reading »

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We are in Chicago

A quick update, I will write more later if we have time before boarding. We were on our way down from the Sears Tower when I got a message from Amtrak that our train from Chicago to Lamy was canceled and there would not be any alternate transportation available. I was stunned! My heart sank … Continue reading »

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Waiting for a bus

We are now at the train station in Boston waiting for our stinkin bus in the first class lounge. Our bus ride will be from Boston to Albany where we are suppose to be on trains the rest of the trip. The schedule shows us on a bus for 5 hours, but drive time from … Continue reading »

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Tuesday, last full day in Boston

We got up and headed out to the Zoo this morning. Not a large zoo, but real nice. I love sitting staring at the gorillas close up. After a quick lunch at the zoo, we headed back to Long Wharf to catch a boat to the Boston Harbor Island called George’s Island. There is a … Continue reading »

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We started the morning at 5wits show called The Tomb. It is an interactive adventure show which leads you through a tomb where you have to figure out puzzles and stuff to get out. Stephen loved it! He was running around like a madman figuring everything out. We then hit the Freedom Trail which is … Continue reading »

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Almost forgot…

We sat down on the Duck tour today and the guy across the isle had an Astros hat on. I asked if they were from Houston, they said yes. I said we were originally from Houston. What part of town did they live in? "Cypress. " Turns out they go to a church called West … Continue reading »

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We started a little later today, leaving the hotel at 8:15. We went and got on the Boston Duck tours. They use old WWII era DUKW’s that have wheels and also can go in water. We got a 90 minute Boston tour. Stephen even got to drive when we were in the water. After the … Continue reading »

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Chicago to Boston & Day 1

We boarded our next train in Chicago at about 8:45 and got settled into our rooms. This train is different from every other train we have ridden. Instead of the two level Superliners they use on western routes, this is a single level train. The sleeper rooms are very similar to the superliners with a … Continue reading »

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We have arrived…

We have made it to our hotel in Boston. It is late so I will make a post tomorrow night (Saturday).

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