2006 – YouthWAVE

Wednesday, June 21st

My mom and dad came to visit on Wednesday. We first went and watched the Amtrak Texas Eagle come through town. It was due at 10:23 AM but did not show until around 12:15. We had a good time visiting while we waited. After, we went to lunch at Fuddruckers. We then went to the … Continue reading »

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YouthWAVE Day 1

We spent a lot of the day in the Beto Center setting up the room for worship. Michael called to wish me a happy fathers day. Then Stephen talked to mom on the phone. We are having our first worship time tonight. We will be in here until at least 10:00. That is all for … Continue reading »

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We are in Austin

We left Amarillo this morning at 8:00. We left before the youth group but after a stop they caught us and passed us. We floowed them for about an hour then they stopped and we never saw them again. We arrived in Austin around 5:00. After moving into our rooms we went to Freebirds for … Continue reading »

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Getting ready for YouthWAVE

Stephen and I will be leaving for YouthWAVE in Austin on June 17th. Check back here for updates of our trip.

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