Hawaii Video

Here is a video Michael made over the course of our trip…

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Day 10 – Hawaii Trip

We woke up early on the train to go have breakfast in the dining car…

20160713_133928463_iOSMichael and I stepped off the train in Gallup…


Soon after lunch in the dining car, we arrived into Lamy, just about on time…

20160713_192952808_iOSNow, we just had the drive home. Except for the fact that our car would not start. Yup, here we were in the metropolis of Lamy, New Mexico, where there is NOT EVEN CELL PHONE SERVICE, with a car that would not start.

Turns out, it was the battery and another passenger waiting to get on the next train was very helpful and gave us a jump start. We decided to play it safe and we did not turn the car off again until we got home. We made it.

That is all the trip reports for this year. Thanks for following along. I might have one more post with a video Michael made so stay tuned for that.

Until next time…

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Day 9 – Hawaii Trip

Today was pretty simple. Got up, hotel shuttle to the Santa Fe depot in San Diego…

Took a Surfliner train to Los Angeles…

Waited for a couple of hours in LA and then boarded our final train, #4 Southwest Chief…

We just had dinner and are now settling down for the night. This trip is quickly coming to an end.

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Day 8 – Hawaii Trip

Well, this was a pretty slow day vacation wise. We started by saying goodbye to our view…


We went to the airport, returned the rental, and boarded our Hawaiian Airlines flight back to the mainland…


Nice parting picture of the island…

20160712_003444647_iOSAnd Michael caught be dancing to some techno music on the plane..

20160712_050742422_iOSNow we are in a hotel in San Diego for the night. We will board our first train to Los Angeles at noon tomorrow.

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Day 7 – Hawaii Trip

We did not have a lot planned for today. We started the day going to Manoa Falls.IMG_0203

The hike was about 30 minutes each way and was a completely different environment than we had been in so far. It was jungle and while not hot, it was very humid.


IMG_0210We then drove out for a ride on the Oahu Railroad. It took us all the way out to the West coast of Oahu.


IMG_0214After the train, the family went to spend some time at the beach while I hung out at the condo.

IMG_0216After dinner, we walked around Waikiki and bought a couple of souvenirs.

IMG_0215Now we are preparing ourselves to leave tomorrow. Really looking forward to sitting on a plane for 6 hours (not).

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