Tripp Lite PowerAlert Execute Command Script

February 10th, 2015

Spent days trying to figure out why the PowerAlert software would not run a batch (.bat) file automatically. The batch file would run fine manually, I just could not get PowerAlert to run it.


Save the script file in the ‘C: \Program Files\TrippLite\PowerAlert\engine\’ directory. If you save the script file in this directory, you will not have to put the path in the software’s executable command field in the PowerAlert console.

Use ‘C: \Program Files (x86)\TrippLite\PowerAlert\engine\’ if you are on a 64 bit machine.

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  1. hessercan says:

    Could you elaborate on how you got this to work? I’m having a similar issue. I did what you suggested and the on clear script I have runs when I plug the ups back in but I can’t get the power off script to run when I unplug it.

    • Craig Mashburn says:

      I assume you are using the Power Alert software? Besides putting the script in the folder referenced, Under Events, Battery Low-Critical, I have it Execute Command Script. Only the file name is listed in the field, no path.

  2. Thank you for posting this information. It is simply amazing that Tripp Lite does not seem to offer any DETAILED documentation or support for this software. Searching the web for similar information yields virtually nothing – your post is among the top results.

    I have also been unsuccessful getting .bat files to execute. I can’t use the critical alerts to test this process since I have users on my production system. I have tried to test the Contact Notification and Execute Command Script using the Communications Lost Event by disconnecting the USB connection from my UPS. Although I can see an attempt to send the email notification and I do get a log entry on my log server, the batch file does not run.

    I’m curious if you have any other thoughts on this, I have tried to put the files in the engine directory as you suggested and also in the C:\ directory with the full path – the script still will not run.

    • Craig Mashburn says:

      As far as I know, it will only run if it is in one of the two folders listed in the article. Make sure you are using the correct one. I was never able to get it to run in a different location.
      In the field where you type the actual bat file to run, it should only be the “filename.bat”.
      I ended up calling support. They were not real helpful, but I finally figured this out.

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