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September 1st, 2011

I have been editing video on the same computer for many years now. It is a 6 year old Dell, using an 8 year old Matrox video capture card. Because of the old card, I was stuck using Windows XP and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 (currently, Premiere is up to CS5.5). It has been pretty unstable. Lots of crashes and lockups.

With the help of my fellow staff members donating budget to help pay for it, I have begun the process of building a new editing machine.

I know about all the parts of a computer and how they go together and what they do. The thing that makes me nervous with this is making sure I am getting the right parts for the job. Video editing is one of the toughest things a computer can do, so you cannot skimp on the power of those parts. I did some research and landing on Specifically, on the DIY8 project.

These are components they recommend and have tested. So basically, they gave me a shopping list for a editing machine that will be rock solid.

At the bottom of the DIY8 page, there is a chart for a budget system and a hotrod system. I stuck mostly to the hotrod, except for the video card and hard drive. Here is my shopping list…

Motherboard ASUS P6X58D-E
Processor Intel i7-980 Hex Core
Memory CORSAIR XMS3 24GB (6 x 4GB) SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Video Card EVGA GTX 570
Case Antec Nine Hundred Two v3 Black ATX
Power Supply CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850W
Video Hardware Matrox MXO2 Mini
Video Software Adobe Production Premium 5.5

Everything is ordered and most should be arriving tomorrow. I plan to make this a mini series of posts to let you know how it all goes. Hopefully, someone else can be helped by this.

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  1. Hi…I too just built a DYI NLE system based on what the VideoGuys recommended…same ASUS MoBd, i7 970 CPU, 12GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, Corsair 1200 W PS, in a HAF X Case…it is a beast…I am even thinking of bumping up the RAM to 24GB….Quadro 4000 Video card…and CS5.5….all this coming off of using Pemiere 6…yes 6!…for the past 10 years. I was about to go Final Cut…but we all know what they did to their current…and future customers… far so good…would like to hear what your results are for the DYI build.

    • Craig Mashburn says:

      I have heard that the Quadro 4000 is not worth the money. For Adobe, the GTX970 is suppose to actually be better.

      I will be making another post soon with my experience building it.

    • Craig Mashburn says:

      I also purchased Adobe Production Premium to use with this system.

  2. Bob G says:


    I hope it’s okay to respond to an old post, but I’m curious how your DIY8-based system is working. I just read on the latest Videoguys e-mail that one of their staff was using the DIY8 machine and having some issues with it.
    “Our Director of Advertsing needed a new computer. He’d been running our DIY8 machine and it was starting to get cranky on him. We decided that since he uses Adobe CS6 to create our advertisements, email blasts and update our website, that a DIY9 based build would be perfect for him.”

    If your DIY8-based machine is also “getting cranky” after less than two years you can’t be very happy. And that wouldn’t really say much for the Videoguys as a whole.

    I’m also involved with the A/V at our church and we may be looking at going in this direction. So, like I said, just wondering.

    – Thanks, Bob

    • Craig Mashburn says:

      So far, it is still working great for us. In fact, I just bought an HD video camera and am right now editing an HD job with no issues.

      Now, I don’t use this machine for anything but editing. Maybe that is part of their problem.

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