Product Review – Hard Drive Dock

May 5th, 2010

I have been using external hard drive enclosures for years for our server backup. A couple of weeks ago, Newegg had a special ($18.99 each with free shipping) on the Rosewill RX-DU101 Hard Drive Dock which caught my attention.

The external enclosures have worked great, but it is sort of a pain to trade out the drives every week. It involves unscrewing several screws. So these docks looked like a great way to make it simpler to trade out drives.

I have two backups, one is the built in SBS backup (Small Business Server 2008) and the other stores daily backups of all user files from the server.

I installed only one to begin with to give it a try. There is not much to it. It has a power cord and a USB cord. I hooked it up and the server loaded it up without the need for any drivers. I set in a SATA hard drive and it was immediately recognized. All backups ran as normal.

After it ran awhile, I did notice the hard drive got rather warm. My enclosures did a good job of cooling them so I was a bit concerned at first. However, the drive are out in the open with plenty of ventilation and they really do not get too hot.

The next week, I pressed the eject button and popped out the drive (the drives are hot swappable with this unit). It was a weird sensation because the disk was still spinning on the inside and I could feel it in my hand swirling.

I popped in the next drive and it was immediately recognized. Everything ran perfect. After that, I installed the second unit and now both backups are using the docks. It has made changing backup drive a breeze. Also, being hot swappable, it is now easy to put in another drive at any time if I need to recover something off an old drive. Though, it is SATA only, not IDE.


These docks work perfectly for what I need them for.

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