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Tripp Lite PowerAlert Execute Command Script

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Spent days trying to figure out why the PowerAlert software would not run a batch (.bat) file automatically. The batch file would run fine manually, I just could not get PowerAlert to run it.


Save the script file in the ‘C: \Program Files\TrippLite\PowerAlert\engine\’ directory. If you save the script file in this directory, you will not have to put the path in the software’s executable command field in the PowerAlert console.

Use ‘C: \Program Files (x86)\TrippLite\PowerAlert\engine\’ if you are on a 64 bit machine.

External USB Drive Shows Write Protected

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Quick post with a solution I found…

I have several external drives that I rotate through for backups on a server. I put them in a USB cradle. Today, when I put the new drive in, Windows showed the drive to be write protected so I could do nothing with it.

The solution…

  • Go into Computer Management/Disk Management
  • Right-click the drive and choose OFFLINE
  • Right-click the drive and choose ONLINE

After that, the drive no longer shows write protected.

SBS 2008 Companyweb Stops Working

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Ran into this problem today and thought I would share my solution for anyone else having it.

After some updates loaded from Microsoft, our internal website companyweb stopped working. We do not use it for much. The only real thing is for faxes. All incoming faxes are received by the server and stored in companyweb for staff to view and/or print.

After some searching, I came across this page.

This worked for me. Here is what I did…

Opened an elevated command prompt (right click on CMD and choose Run As Administrator)

In the CMD box, I typed ‘cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\12\BIN\’

Then I typed ‘psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b –force’

It ran the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard. When it completed, I had to manually go to services and start the World Wide Web Publishing Service. After that, SharePoint and Companyweb ran fine.

Outlook 2010 Renames Sent Items Folder

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Ran into the strangest problem today. One of our users Sent Items box was renamed to one of her contacts names. Since there is no way I know of to rename the Sent Items box, I was stumped.

Finally found the answer.

Open a command prompt as an administrator
Type "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office14\Outlook.exe" /resetfoldernames

That will launch Outlook and reset the folder names.

Hope this helps someone out there in the future.